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How to maintain the slewing bearing of crane?
May 02, 2018

The slewing bearing of crane is an important joint of crane, so its maintenance is very necessary. For the maintenance of slewing bearing, we should do the following procedures:

Check the bolts on the slewing bearing

1. check the bolts on the slewing bearing visually before each operation of the crane.

2. After the operation of the slewing bearing for the first 100 working hours, we should check whether the bolt is loose or not; check again when operating for 300 working hours; check every 500 working hours thereafter. If bolt is found loose in inspection, please stop the operation and ask the professional technician to check.

3. Fill the slewing bearing with lithium grease before installation.

4. When changing bolts, wipe them clean and fasten them after using retainer; use cranes according to operation manual and lifting performance table; check fastening bolts as required.

Regular check of slewing bearing

1. Check the flexibility of rotation regularly. If noise and impact are found, we should should stop the machine immediately and do troubleshooting.

2. Check whether there are cracks or breakage in the gear ring. 

3. Check the seal condition regularly. If the seal is damaged, replace it in time.