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How to store the rolling bearing?
Jul 23, 2018

Good storage is really important for bearing use. The main purpose of storing rolling bearing is to prevent bearings from rusting and protect the best performance. The main cause of rusting is being eroded by humid,  acids, alkali. In order to prevent this, the bearings need to be strictly oil sealed and packed. The anti-rust period is normally 1 year. Therefore, every 10 to 12 months, the stored bearings should be oil sealed again. If you begin to use the bearing which were stored for a long time, you should contact the supplier and check what you should do before use. 

Also reasonable transportation and warehouse storage conditions are required. During transportation, bearings should be protected from erosive materials and the packing should be standard. The warehouse should be clean, dry, equiped with ventilation appliances. Temperature should be kept at 25±℃, relative humidity no greater than 80%.