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INA bearing fit Assembly considerations
Dec 26, 2016

Bearing factors mainly refer to installation and adjustment, maintenance, repair and other compliance with technical requirements. According to INA bearing installation, use, maintenance and repair of technical requirements, INA bearings in operation under load, speed, temperature, vibration, noise, and to monitor and check the lubrication, unusual immediately find out the reasons, adjustments, its back to normal. Installation conditions are one of the primary factors in the use, the bearings are installed is not suitable, they led the entire status change bearing between the various parts of bearing does not operate under normal conditions and early life factors mainly refer to the structure design, manufacturing processes and materials quality, three factors that determine quality.

1, axle bearing clearance options: when users purchase bearing usually only inform on what model, grade, rarely go on bearing clearance requests, service personnel must ask INA bearing the use conditions, INA bearing speed, temperature, tolerances are directly related to the selection of bearing clearance.

2, the choice of oil: oil is generally chosen based on INA bearing speed, temperature, noise-resistant requirements and select the starting torque, required business to know the properties of oil.

3, the choice of bearing type: bearing accessory products is generally determined by the user's technical staff on the basis of conditions of use and under load Select INA bearing.