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Installation and maintenance of slewing bearing
Apr 27, 2018

Transport and storage

  1. Slewing bearings require careful handling.

  2. Slewing bearings should always be transported and stored in horizontal position and be stored in dry roofed areas.

  3. Use eyebolts for horizontal handling. Impact, particularly in radial direction, must be avoided.

  4. The surface of slewing bearing should be applied with anti-corrosion oil, and the anti-corrosion period is 6 months. Long storage (as backup, for example) periods will require special preservation.

Requirements on supporting structures

  1. The support in the companion structures must be kept aligned to the track center.

  2. In order to prevent local overload and ensure smooth rotation, the supporting structures should be processed to remove internal stress after all the welding procedures. The contact surfaces for the bearing should be machined carefully and should be within flatness tolerances.