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Installation of slewing bearing
Apr 26, 2018

Before installation, bearing surfaces and contact areas should be cleaned, remove oil, burrs and strong paints etc.

The soft zone between the beginning and end of the hardened region of the raceway is identified by a punched-in letter "s" which should be positioned outside the main load-carrying area. 

Examine the flatness of the bearing connecting surfaces with a feeler gauge. In case any clearance is detected, the plane must be re-machined. In case the re-working of spacious mating structures could not be done. Plastic filling or partial filler may be used to prevent bearing deformation after bolts are tightened, which may impact the performance of slewing bearing.

After the final tightening of the bearing the backlash should be rechecked over the entire circumference. 

After positioning the bearing, cross-tighten the bolts in triangle direction to ensure that all the bolts tightened to the same level.