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Introduction of Bearing Ring Groove Superfinishing Machine
Jan 08, 2019

Bearing Ring Groove Superfinishing Machine is semi-automatic superfinishing machine for groove of ball bearing ring, which is suitable for processing inner and outer ring groove.Processing accuracy is above P5 level.

The workpiece spindle of the machine is driven by an AC- motor through belt pulley, and the variable frequency stepless speed is regulated. The oscillating mechanism is connected by a bending plate to the side of the drag plate. The feeding drag plate is installed on the top of the workpiece spindle box. The  press device is fixed on the left side of the workpiece spindle box by bending plate.The radial and axial movement of the machine's dragging plate, the radial reciprocating and end face pressing of the pressure device, the oilstone pressure are all controlled by the hydraulic system, and the order of superfining action and the frequency of oscillation are controlled by electrical system.

In order to achieve higher machining accuracy, various parameters are adjusted according to the size of the workpiece, the rough and fine superfining are finished.L ubrication of the machine

Before running the machine, lubricate the relative motion guide and the parts with oil mark. Bearings lubricated with molybdenum disulfide shall be replaced semiannually.

Maintenance of the machine

1) The guide of the machine should be regularly lubricated, and there should be no acid and other sundries mixed in the lubricating oil.

2) Regularly check the insulation of electrical appliances of machine.

3) When the machine fails, press the total stop button immediately to stop all moving parts.

4) The pressure gauge and electromagnetic valve of each oil system shall be checked regularly to ensure the reliability of their work.

5) The coolant of the oil tank should be replaced regularly and the sediment should be removed.

6) The filter should be cleaned regularly to ensure the filtering effect.