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Introduction of ZYS Rolling bearing limit speed and internal clearance
Mar 23, 2018

Rolling bearing limit speed

The limit speed of rolling bearing is the speed limit value when bearing reaches the highest heat balance temperature under certain working conditions.

Factors of limit speed:

1. Bearing type

2. Structural dimension

3. Bearing load

4. Lubricant grades and lubricating methods

5. Bearing tolerance grade

6. Clearance

7. Cage structure and material

8. Cooling condition

Rolling bearing internal clearance

The size of inner clearance has great influence on the performance of bearing, such as fatigue life, vibration, temperature rise, noise and so on. The curve below shows the relationship between the working clearance and fatigue life of bearing. It can be seen that during operation bearing life can be the largest when working clearance is slightly less than zero. However, due to the influence of bearing precision and the temperature rise in operation, the clearance of bearing will be reduced accordingly, which will cause bearing heat and the decrease of bearing service life.