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Jack-up offshore oil drilling platform
Mar 21, 2018

At present, jack-up offshore oil drilling platform is one of the most widely used offshore oil drilling platforms in China. Because of its good operational stability and strong positioning ability, it plays an extremely important role in the exploration and development of oil and gas in the continental shelf. The jack-up offshore oil drilling platform is mainly composed of platform body, spud leg, lifting system and drilling system. 

The lifting system is key part of the jack-up offshore oil drilling platform, and it is also the difficult point in the design and manufacture of offshore oil drilling platform. The lifting system consists of drive motor, gear reducer, pinion and box base.

The gear reducer is the key equipment of the lifting system, and it mainly consists of motor, driving gearbox and pinion, as shown in figure below. The power element of driving unit is the motor, which drives the gearbox to decelerate and increase the torque and then provide the power for platform lifting.