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Machine Tool Auxiliary Connecting Device for Tapered Roll Production Line
Dec 19, 2017

I. Range

The whole line from heat-treated workblank to finished products and packaging.

II. The configuration description and requirements of the connecting device

1. Configuration requirements for each part

1.1 Demagnetization and conveying machine

Conveying Mechanism: Adopting two polyurethane double synchronous belts, the drive adjusts speed through ac frequency conversion and in the same direction. The polyurethane belt is of high friction, and will not produce slippage and scratches on the roller surface.

Demagnetization machine: Adopting gantry demagnetization machine from domestic first-line manufacturer. The machine is fastened to the top of the v-belt and the tapered rollers passes through it one by one. After demagnetization, the residual magnetism is less than 0.25MT.

Conveyor bracket: Combined with anodic oxidation treated aluminum profile and aluminum plate, and fastened and connected by special screws, the height of the bracket can be freely adjusted according to the needs of production. The material will never be embroidered.

Actuating device: Domestic gear reducer and Taida AC frequency converter speed regulation,making it synchronous with the machine tool and perform reliably.

Feed-in and feed-out exit: Using never deformed poly methyl material with flat surface, the products will not stagnate.


Direction Adjustment Machine: Two rolling bars, made of special polyurethane materials form a certain angle and rotate oppositely at the same time. The rollers naturally adjust the direction of the heads between the two rolls, ensuring that each of the tapered rollers is transported in the same direction.

Body frame: Adopting anodic oxidation treated aluminum profile and steel plate, ensuring enough rigidity and beauty, making the machine durable and solid.

1.2 V-type chain plate hovering and lifting conveyor consists of three disks.

It is connected by multiple chain plates from the lowest position to the highest. It is driven by the electric machine and hovers upwards. Each layer has a filling and cutting device, it can store the products as well as solve the problem of high loading. A stainless steel pan is placed below the circling chain plate so that residual coolant does not drop to the ground.

Chain plate: American DuPont (PTE content 18%) Polyoxymethylene. It will not change in length and will not deform after long time operation.

Drive: Gear reducer + frequency converter

Driving head: Cast by aluminum casting die in one time

Chain wheel: Nylon material

Frame: Anodic oxidation treated aluminum profile

Feed-in/Feed-out: Structured by stainless steel and spring. All the feeding inlet of the equipment is equipped with mechanical anti - turning mechanism to prevent unnecessary damage to equipment and tooling due to roller turning; The electrical apparatus is controlled as a separate control box. Demagnetization, delivery, direction adjustment, and hovering in-feed are controlled by one control cabinet with manual / automatic two gears for easy adjustment for each action. Besides, fault alarm and automatic stop function are set.