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Main points of installation and maintenance of turntable bearings
Jan 31, 2018

     The turntable bearing is a kind of large bearing with special structure which can bear large axial load, radial load and overturning torque at the same time and has many functions such as supporting, rotating, driving and fixing. In the installation of turntable bearings, we must do a good job of relevant inspection, or installation of matters to be noted. For such large bearings, we must make good maintenance and storage to prevent turntable bearings from damage which will  result in failure to normal use.

      1. Installation of turntable bearing

     Before the installation of turntable bearing, the mounting surface of the main engine should be checked first, and the supporting parts should have sufficient strength. The connection surface should be machined and surface should be flat without sundries and burrs. For those which cannot be machined to the required planeness, special plastics with high strength can be used as fillers to ensure the accuracy of the installation plane and reduce vibration. The ring of the turntable bearing has a quench soft zone which is marked " S " on the end face of the ring. While in installation, it should be placed in a non - load zone or a non - constant load zone ( the plug hole is always located at the zone) .

     When installing turntable bearings, the radial position should be carried out; the installation bolts should be cross-tightened, and the rotation of the bearings should be checked. There should be sufficient pretightening force when tightening bolts, and  its pretightening force should be 70% of the yield limit of the bolt material. The mounting bolts shall be fitted with levelling washers , not spring washers.

     2、Maintenance of turntable bearings: After the turntable bearing is installed and has a continuous operation for 100 hours, the pre-tightening torque of mounting bolts shall be checked comprehensively to see if they meet the requirements. Repeat the above inspection for every 500 hours of continuous operation thereafter. Proper amount of grease shall be filled with turntable bearing after installation; rotate the bearing while filling so that the grease can be evenly distributed. After working for a period of time, the turntable bearing will inevitably lose part of the grease. Therefore, grease should be added at intervals of 50 ~ 100 hours for the normal turntable bearing.

    3、Transportation and storage of turntable bearing: during transportation, the bearing should be placed horizontally on the vehicle, and measures should be taken to prevent sliding and vibration, and auxiliary supports should also be added when necessary.