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Main Types and Codes of Rolling Bearings
Dec 04, 2017

The main types, properties and characteristics of rolling bearings

The rolling bearing can be divided into ball bearing and roller bearing according to the shape of the rolling bodyAccording to the contact angle and the direction of the load that can be borne, the bearing can be divided into1, centripetal bearing

Nominal contact angle: 0°   45°. The centripetal bearing can be subdivided into:A, Radial contact bearing: 0°. It can only bear radial load (Like cylindrical roller bearing), or mainly used to bear radial load. But it can also bear a small amount of axial load Like deep groove ball bearing);

B, Concentric angle contact bearing: 0°<  45°. It can bear radial load and uniaxial load at the same time(Like angular contact ball bearing and tapered roller bearing).