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Maintenance Period of Slewing Bearing
Oct 26, 2018

ZYS slewing bearings are widely applied in engineering machinery, light machinery, marine equipment, metallurgical machinery, medical equipment, industrial machinery and other industries. Slewing bearings are called "the machine's joints",, which can bear the mechanical load. It is important to ensure the safe and reliable operation of equipment in the production. So it is necessary to do maintenance for slewing bearings regularly. After using 100 working hours of slewing bearing, it should be stopped to check the bolt tightening torque. If more than 10% of the bolts loose, then it must be checked again after 200 working hours. If it works stably, the slewing bearing should be checked every 500 working hours. Of course, the workers should consider the specific circumstances. After total of 14000 working hours, all bolts should be replaced with new ones in order to ensure the effective operation of slewing bearing under higher rotation speed.