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Manufacturing Process of Bearing
Dec 27, 2017

Manufacturing Process of Bearing

1. Main material of bearing: 1. Bearing steel: High carbon bearing steel (SUJ2→light shape; SUJ3 →heavy section; SUJ4 →special type steel)

2.Precision requirement: International standard 1. ID tolerance: Above Φ20, 0~-10um 2. OD tolerance: 0~-10um 3. Thickness deviation: 0~-120um, generally 30-40. Remark: The bigger the ID, the bigger the tolerance is. 3: Bearing toughening treatment: 1. Internal and external ring surface hardness: HRC:58~62° 2. Steel ball surface hardness: HRC:60~64°.

3. Inner diameter dimension remarks: If the mantissa is bigger than 4, the inner diameter will be mantissa*5; If the mantissa is smaller than 4, the inner diameter will be special: 03==17 02==15 01==12 00==10, The front is the code, and the back is the size of the inner diameter. 3. The seal plate code is as follows: The sealing plate is divided into iron sealing ring and rubber sealing ring. Z represents one side dustproof cover. ZZ represents double face dustproof cover. One - sided dust - proof cover ( with spring retainer ). ZZX represents a double face dustproof cover (with a spring ring). RU stands for single - sided non - contact sealing ring. 2RU represents a double-sided non contact seal. RS represents one-sided contact sealing ring. 2RS represents double contact seal ring. RD represents one side ultra light contact seal ring. 2RD stands for double - sided ultra - light contact sealing ring. ZU2ZU (non-contact sealing ring) and RK 2RK U UU (contact seal ring).