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Matching and use of bearings
Feb 06, 2018

I. Matching of bearings

1. Choose of matching

The inner diameter and outer diameter of rolling bearings are manufactured according to standard tolerances. The tightness of bearing inner rings and shafts, outer ring and the seat hole can only be realized by controlling the tolerance of the journal and the seat hole. The matching of the bearing inner ring and the shaft adopts the base hole system, and the matching of the bearing outer ring and the seat hole adopts the base shaft system.

It is necessary to know the actual load condition, working temperature and other requirements of bearing, but it is very difficult to choose matching correctly.

2. Load size

The overwinning amount between the ring and the shaft or shell depends on the load size. The heavier load uses a larger amount of overwin, and the lighter load uses a smaller amount of overwin.

II. Use of bearing

Rolling bearings are precision parts, so it is necessary to be careful in use. Even if it uses high performance bearings, if not used properly, it is not able to achieve the desired effect. The following matters should be noted in the use of bearings:

1. Keep the bearing and its surroundings clean. Even if very small dust enters the bearing, it will aggravate the wear, vibration and noise of the bearing.

2. Install the bearing carefully. It is not allowed to punch strongly, knock the bearing directly or transfer the pressure through the rolling body.

3. Use the right installation tools and use special tools as much as possible, and try to avoid things like cloth and staple fibers.

4. To prevent the bearing from corrosion and rust, it is better not to take the bearing directly by hand, but to apply high quality mineral oil before operation. Be careful of anti-corrosion especially in the rainy season and summer.