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Method of Judging Grease Metamorphism
Jan 24, 2018

             Method of Judging Grease Metamorphism

    In order to provide better performance, the bearings are lubricated by lubricating grease, which can reduce the friction and temperature of the bearings, if the grease is bad. Not only does not play a related role, but is more adverse to the use of bearings, so we must learn how to buy grease to tell whether the grease has deteriorated.


Method of judging grease metamorphism

1. Oil flow observation method

    Take two measuring cups , one of the lubricating oil to be inspected , the other empty on the desktop , lift the measuring cup full of lubricating oil away from the table top 30 - 40 cm and tilt , let the lubricating oil slowly flow into the empty cup , observe the flowing condition , the quality good lubricating oil oil flow should be slender , uniform and continuous , if the oil flow is lost or slow , and there is large flow of oil , the lubricating oil has deteriorated .

2. Hand twisting

    Twisting lubricating oil between thumb and index finger repeatedly grinding, a better lubricating oil hand feel lubricity, less debris, no friction, if feel the sand between fingers such as a greater sense of friction, it shows that there are many impurities in the lubricating oil. New lubricating oil should be replaced if it cannot be used again.

3.Illumination method

     On sunny days, use a screwdriver to lift the lubricating oil at an angle of 45 degrees to the horizontal level. Compare the sunlight and observe the oil droplets. Under light, you can clearly see that the lubricating oil is good without debris and can continue to function. If there is too much debris, replace the lubricating oil.

4. Oil drop trace method

    Take a clean white filter paper, drop a few drops on the filter paper, after oil leakage, if the surface of black powder, with the hand touch has a sense of resistance, then the lubricating oil has a lot of impurities. Good lubricating oil without powder, touch dry and smooth with hands, and yellow marks.