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On Train Communications Hub (or Data Concentrator)
Dec 21, 2017

           On Train Communications Hub (or Data Concentrator):列车通信枢纽(或数据集中器)


The Data Concentrator shall incorporate a GPS location device.数据集中器应包括GPS定位装置


A single data concentrator shall be capable of receiving sensor data from at least two adjacent rail vehicles and transmitting it onwards for remote processing and presentation.单个数据集中器应能够从至少两个相邻的轨道车辆接收传感器数据,并将其上传,用于远程处理和显示



The data concentrator shall be powered by Industry Standard 24V or 110V DC on-board power supply with a maximum current capacity of 1 Amp at 110VDC. The power supply shall comply with EN50155 and RIA12. 数据集中器应采用工业标准24V110V直流车载电源供电,采用110V直流电源时最大电流容量为1A,电源供应应符合EN50155RIA12


The data concentrator shall have a battery power option, either for backup or as a main source of power along with energy harvester for recharging the battery. In case the Data concentrator has to work on Battery Back up, then the battery should be Compliant to UL Specifications and should provide 72 Hours of backup functionality which shall be demonstrated by method as per RAMS standard. In case the data concentrator has to work on the battery only, as in case of freight vehicles, the life of the battery with full functionality of the system should be minimum 5 (FIVE) years.数据集中器应有一个电池电源选项,要么作为备用电源,要么作为主要能量来源,与为电池充电的能量采集器配套使用,加入数据集中器依靠备用电池工作,那么电池应符合VL规范,并要提供72小时备用功能,这将由符合RAMS标准的方法进行演示,一旦数据集中器只能依靠电池工作,就像在货运车辆上一样,维护系统所有功能的电池寿命至少是5年。


The data concentrator shall have one RS232/RS485 and one USB ports for the following functions:数据集中器应该有一个RS485和一个USB端口,用于下列功能:

                       Configuration using a simple serial ASCII terminal.使用一个简单ASCII串联终端进行配置

                       Continuous data streaming output that is compatible with alternative means of communication.                     与可选的通信方式兼容的连续的数据流输出