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On Train Communications Hub (or Data Concentrator)
Dec 21, 2017

           On Train Communications Hub (or Data Concentrator):

The Data Concentrator shall incorporate a GPS location device.


A single data concentrator shall be capable of receiving sensor data from at least two adjacent rail vehicles and transmitting it onwards for remote processing and presentation.


The data concentrator shall be powered by Industry Standard 24V or 110V DC on-board power supply with a maximum current capacity of 1 Amp at 110VDC. The power supply shall comply with EN50155 and RIA12. 


The data concentrator shall have a battery power option, either for backup or as a main source of power along with energy harvester for recharging the battery. In case the Data concentrator has to work on Battery Back up, then the battery should be Compliant to UL Specifications and should provide 72 Hours of backup functionality which shall be demonstrated by method as per RAMS standard. In case the data concentrator has to work on the battery only, as in case of freight vehicles, the life of the battery with full functionality of the system should be minimum 5 (FIVE) years.


The data concentrator shall have one RS232/RS485 and one USB ports for the following functions:

 Configuration using a simple serial ASCII terminal.

Continuous data streaming output that is compatible with alternative means of communication.