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Online Automatic Packaging Machine
Dec 13, 2017


Technological Parameters


1、加工范Ф5mm~Ф30mm,角度 1°0'~4°30'

Processing range: 5mm-30mm; Angle 1°0’-4°30’


2、加工拍:以子外径Φ18mm  例:120 粒/min;

Processing Rate: Take the rollers, of which the diameter is 18mm as an example: 120 pieces/min;



Total Power of the Machine Tool: 3.5Kw.


4、机床外型尺寸( X 宽 X 高):3200X800X1100mm。

External Dimension of the machine tool(Length*Width*Height): 3200X800X1100mm.


5、机床重量:约1200 Kg。

Total weight of the machine tool: About 1200Kg.


6、最大工作 力:0.6MPa。

Maximum working pressure of pneumatic system: 0.6Mpa.


7、 实现滚子自排序、数、自包装等功能。

Realizing the functions of automatic sorting, counting, automatic packing and so on.


8、 设备料区、排序数区、包装袋加区、操作区和出料口等成。

The equipment consists of the feeding area, the sorting area, the packing bag heating area, the operation area and discharge hole, etc.


9、气程序由PLC控制,通触摸屏置和操作,触摸屏由四个界面成,启动电源开关后迎使用”即第一个界面,提示触摸“操作界面”模板入第二个“用 操作界面”,按照此界面各提示只需安全操作,即可入第三个“基本 置界面”和第四个“温控界面”,每个界面可根据实际需要自行置, 实现包装。

The electrical program is controlled by PLC and is set and operated through a touch screen. The touch screen consists of four interfaces.When the power switch is started, it shows "welcome to use", namely the first interface, hinting to touch "operation interface" template to enter the second "user operating interfaces". According to all the hints of this interface, with safe operation only, it is easy to enter the third "basic setting interface" and the fourth "temperature control interface.   Each interface can be set voluntarily  according to the actual needs to realize automatic packaging.


Main Configuration


产 地Place of Origin




交流变频AC Inverte

台湾 Taiwan

触摸屏 Touch Screen


伺服Servo Motor



Low-voltage Electrical Components

法国 France