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Precautions for hybrid bearings
Feb 08, 2018

     The hybrid bearing is a kind of sliding bearing, which works under the condition of hydrostatic lubrication. Meanwhile, the hybrid bearing can work under hydrostatic lubrication and hydrodynamic lubrication. When we use hybrid bearings, we need to pay attention to the following six major issues to prevent default.

1. After one year of normal use, 2# main shaft oil and the coarse fine filter should be replaced.

2. During the normal use of pump station, the replenish oil must be added after filtering with 3 layers of silk cloth.

3. The main shaft belt/wheel must be loaded or unloaded under the working condition of the pump station. That is to say, the spindle is under the condition of the static pressure oil floating. This will not damage the spindle and the hydrostatic bearing.

4. Before grinding wheel spindle works, observe whether the pump station pressure and grinding head static pressure work in the specification range.

5. When the equipment stops, it is necessary to stop the grinding motor first, and then turn off the pump station after the grinding wheel stops, otherwise the grinding head will easily be damaged.

6. If any part of the pump station is replaced, the high-pressure oil inlet hose joint must be removed first. After replacement of the part, the oil inlet pipe can be connected to the grinding head after the oil passage is self-circulated for 15-20 minutes, thus ensuring that the main shaft oil entering the grinding head is the ultra-clean spindle oil which is finely filtered. This can prolong the service life of the hybrid spindle.