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Radial runout fault solution for machining center spindle
Nov 27, 2018

When the spindle of the machining center rotates, the position of the rotation center line changes with time for various reasons. If a straight line represents the ideal rotation center line of the spindle, the actual offset between the rotation center line and the ideal center line is the rotation precision of the spindle assembly. It is also the size of the radial runout, end face runout and axial yaw of the front end of the spindle when the machining center is running. 

According to the above analysis, the cause of the turbulence and radial runout of the spindle may be caused by the following reasons: The spindle of the machining center is preloaded;the axial damage is severe; the assembly of the bearing is unreasonable. 

According to the listed points, we can judge the fault: 

1. Let the machining center run for a period of time, and touch the bearing of the spindle by hand; if the temperature is not high, then eliminate the damage caused by the bearing itself. 

2. The pre-tightening of the bearing is adjusted by the manufacturer, so it is possible to directly change a pair of new bearings. If there is still serious dragging of the workpiece, the poor pre-tightening of the bearing is excluded. 

3. After changing the rear bearing with less precision, the machining center was re-run and found that the dragging marks were significantly improved. It can be concluded that the fault is caused by the unreasonable assembly of the bearing.