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Rolling bearing performance and use of
Dec 26, 2016

Is the most common rolling bearing. It is simple and easy to use. Is mainly used to carry radial loads, but when you increase bearing radial clearance, performance with certain angular contact ball bearings to withstand radial and axial combined loading. When thrust ball bearing in high speed and should not be used, can also be used to accommodate purely axial loads. Compared with other types of bearings of the same size, these bearings low friction, high speed. But not impact resistance is not suitable to withstand heavy loads.

Deep groove ball bearings installed in the shaft and then, in the context of the axial internal clearance of the bearing, and may limit the axial displacement of the shaft or housing in both directions, thus in bidirectional axial positioning. In addition, the bearings are also capable to aligning when tilt relative to the shell holes 2 ' at ~ 10 ′, still works, but has some influence on bearing life. Most representative of the rolling bearing, wide range of uses, can withstand the radial load and the bidirectional axial loads.

Suitable for high speed and low noise, low vibration steel dust cover or rubber sealing ring seal bearing in advance filling the right amount of grease, bearings with a snap ring or flanges in the outer ring, namely easy axial position, and convenient for enclosure installation.