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Selection of Angular contact ball bearing
Oct 15, 2018

The selection of angular contact ball bearing should consider working condition and limited space. Working conditions mainly include use environment, precision, speed, force direction and size, and so on. 

High speed, small load generally use non-metal cage; low speed, heavy load use metal cage; High temperature environment use metal cage; medium temperature environment generally use engineering plastic cage; general nylon cage temperature can not exceed 120 degrees.

For ultra-high speed, wear resistance, low temperature rise, long life and high availability environment, hybrid ceramic ball bearings can be used; balls use silicon nitride ceramics. 

If the accuracy of the shaft is high, for example, P4 or P2 bearing is generally used for machine tool spindle; P5 or P4 grade is generally chosen for medium precision, and P0 or P6 grade can be selected for general precision. 

If high rotational speed is required, light series bearings with contact angle of 15 ° should be selected first;2 series or 3 series angular contact ball bearing with 40 °contact angle can be selected if bearing needs to bear big axial load; the angular contact ball bearing with contact angle of 25 °can be selected if the rotational speed and axial load should be taken into account at the same time.