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Selection of Oil and Gas Lubricating products for High Speed motorized spindle
Oct 16, 2018

High speed motorized spindle is mainly used in high speed engraving and milling machine and grinding machine. The reliable lubrication for motorized spindle with high speed operation is really important. At present, lubrication is divided into: grease, oil mist, oil and gas.

Oil lubrication: The speed of oil lubricating motorized spindle is not high and bearings have been packed when they are selected. For the motorized spindle with high load running, this kind of lubricating method has advantages that the cost of motorized spindle is low.

Oil mist lubrication: In fact, when the motorized spindle has only one lubricating inlet, this type of lubrication is not conducive to the reliable and effective supply of lubricating, and it will cause the excessive consumption of oil and the risk of pollution to the operating environment.

Oil-gas lubrication: because of the obvious advantages of oil-gas lubrication, the current motorized spindle manufacturers generally use it.