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Slewing bearing and the biggest difference between ordinary bearings
Nov 16, 2017

Slewing bearing and the biggest difference between ordinary bearings: 1, the installation of different ways, unlike the ordinary bearing slewing bearing set on the mandrel and installed in the box, but the use of screws to its fixed on the next seat. 2, slewing bearings generally have to bear the load of several aspects, not only to bear the axial force, radial force, but also to bear a larger overturning moment. Therefore, a set of slewing bearings often play the role of several sets of ordinary rolling bearings. 3, slewing bearing operating speed is low, usually below 50 rev / min. In many cases, slewing bearings do not operate continuously, but merely rotate back and forth within an angle, which is equivalent to a so-called "rocking bearing." 4, slewing bearing a larger size, the diameter is usually 0.4-10 meters, and some as large as 40 meters in diameter. 5, Usually, the rotary support with a ring gear for rotation and dust-proof sealing device. 6, in the material and heat treatment and other manufacturing processes, slewing bearings and rolling bearings are very different.