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Slewing bearing production process improvements
Nov 06, 2017

1, we must improve and improve the quality of 50Mn steel, strict control of the chemical composition and the level of non-metallic inclusions, which is to improve the quality of slewing bearing one of the important measures.

2, due to rough machining allowance, may have a greater cutting stress, increase quenching deformation. In order to improve the precision and reduce the deformation, it can be stress-annealed in the middle of the rough car.

3, improve slewing bearing design. Abroad has been widely used steel ball raceway, (steel ball diameter 25mm). The structure of uniform force, roller finish 6 can be directly polished after quenching, without grinding, can prevent the raceway cracks and other defects.

4, large-scale bearings require not only wear-resistant raceway surface, but also have a certain degree of strength, in addition to quenched and tempered, we must try to increase the depth of hardened layer. Experiments show that by increasing the medium frequency quenching unit heating power (from the original 1.6Kw / mm2 increased to 2.4Kw / mm2) and reduce the heating rate, the hardened layer increased to 3-4 mm, can increase the raceway strength.

5, in order to stabilize the organization, improve the dimensional stability of large support parts, after grinding parts must be low temperature tempering, to eliminate grinding stress, to prevent the generation of cracks.

6, the surface of the raceway quenching with hardened layer deeper (3-4mm), energy saving, low cost, easy to manufacture heater and so on. Practice has proved that the flame quenched raceway never found cracks. Therefore, flame hardening process can be used