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Slewing bearing (turntable bearing) selection calculation method
Nov 15, 2017

Slewing bearing (turntable bearing) Selection calculation method:

Static reference load Fa 'and M' calculation method

Single row four point contact ball

Single-row four-point contact ball slewing bearing selection calculation according to the bearing angle of 45 ° and 60 ° two cases.

I, a = 45 ° Ⅱ, a = 60 °

Fa '= (1.225 • Fa + 2.676 • Fr) • fs Fa' = (Fa + 5.046 • Fr) • fs

M '= 1.225 • M • fs M' = M • fS

Then find the above two points on the graph, one of which can be below the curve.

Single row crossed roller type

Fa '= (Fa + 2.05 • Fr) • fs

M '= M • fs

Double row different diameter ball

For double-row reduced-diameter ball slewing bearing selection calculation, Fr ≤ 10% Fa, Fr negligible. When Fr> 10% Fa, we must take into account changes in the pressure angle of the raceway, the calculation, please contact us.

Fa '= Fa • fs

M '= M • fs

Three-row roller

When selecting three-row roller slewing bearing, only the effect of axial roller load and overturning moment is calculated.

Fa '= Fa • fs

M '= M • fs

On January 1, 2008, the National Development and Reform Commission promulgated a new standard of slewing bearing with the participation of our company. 1. By JB / T 10837-2008 "construction machinery and equipment three rows of column slewing bearings" instead of JG / T 68-1999 "three rows of columnar construction machinery slewing ring"; 2. By JB / T 10838-2008 "Construction machinery and equipment single row cross roller (cone) slewing bearing" instead of JG / T 67-1999 "single row crossed roller bearings (construction machinery)", the new standard to cancel the original Appendix 1 "Supplement Series of specifications "; 3. By JB / T 10839-2008" construction machinery and equipment single volleyball slewing ring "instead of JG / T 66-1999" single row ball slewing ring for construction machinery ", the new standard to increase the overlap section configuration, Cancel some of the less common specifications, the new part of the specification, increased to 48; to cancel the original Appendix A "Supplementary Series Specifications"; performance curve by d0 ≤ 40,57 HRC, d0 ≥ 50,55 HRC drawing.

Three new standards have abolished product quality grading, since July 1, 2008 onwards.