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The advantages of ZYS Clearance Measuring Instrument
Mar 16, 2018

ZYS Clearance Measuring Instrument is an important indicator of bearing quality,it impacts on bearing vibration,noise and life expectancy.The instrument is the high precision and non load dynamic measuring instrument.The measured value is the mean clearance of fininshed bearing,the instrument is the standard instrument for bearing industry.X093J bearing radial clearance measuring instrument had won the second class prize of Science and Technology improvement of the Ministry of Machine-Building industry in china.

Reasonable and compact structure, high rotating precision spindle, stable and reliable measuring value, high-precision inductive sensors, MCU system, automatic data collection, automatic date calculation, digital meter show, high measuring accuracy.

The features and advantanges of ZYS Clearance Measuring Instrument:

• Measuring method fully accords with ISO international standard, no load dynamic measurement.

• Standard measuring instrument for bearing radial clearance, it is suitable for industry inspection, commodity inspection and testing enterprise.

• Dynamic/static/three points measuring methods etc.

• Manual fix/automatic load/automatic measurement.

• High-precision spindle/high-precision sensor/precision measuring system.

• Bearing clearance value limit setting and alarm.

• Separate bearings measured.