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The characteristics of Grinding process
Nov 19, 2018

1. High processing precision: Grinding belongs to high-speed multi-edge cutting. The cutting edge has a smaller arc radius than the general turning tool, milling cutter and planer. It can cut a thin layer of material on the surface of the workpiece. Grinding process is a comprehensive process of abrasive grain cutting, scoring and sliding, and has certain grinding and polishing effects; the grinding machine has higher precision, good rigidity and stability, and has micro-adjustment mechanism.

2. It can process high-hard materials: grinding can process general structural materials such as cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, etc. It can also process hard-to-cut high-hardness hard-hardened steel, hard alloy, ceramic, glass and other difficult-to-machine materials. However, for non-ferrous metals and alloys with large plasticity and low hardness, the grinding wheel loses the cutting ability because the chip ends easily block the pores of the grinding wheel, and generally it is not suitable for grinding, and the tool cutting finishing is often used.

3. The application is more and more extensive: grinding can process a variety of surfaces such as inner circle, outer circle, plane, cone surface, forming surface, thread, tooth shape, etc., and can also sharpen various tools.