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The difference in use of electrical spindle and common spindle
May 10, 2018

Electrical spindles are generally used on CNC machines, while mechanical spindles are used on general machine tools.

Reason: Due to high cost of electrical spindle, common nachine tool will not choose the electrical spindle. The high end lathe needs the high precision spindle. The electrical spindle with big thermal value will easily cause the thermal deformation and then changes the height of spindle box, so it is also not suitable for high precision lathe.  

Description: Electrical spindle is a new technology that integrates machine tool spindle and spindle motor in the field of NC machine tool in recent years. The main drive system of high speed NC machine tool cancels the belt wheel drive and the gear drive. The spindle of the machine tool is driven directly by the built-in motor, thus the length of the main transmission chain of the machine tool is shortened to zero, and the "zero drive" of the machine tool is realized.

Common spindle is a shaft on a machine tool that drives the workpiece or tool to rotate. Spindle components are usually made up of spindle, bearing and transmission parts (gears or belt wheels). In the machine, it is mainly used to support transmission parts such as gear, belt wheel, torque, such as machine tool spindle; some are used to clamp workpiece, such as center shaft.