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The factors affecting the bearing damage
Dec 26, 2016

Failure modes of rolling bearings mainly in the following three ways:

(1) fatigue pitting rolling element and Raceway in fluctuation cycle of contact stress, when stress or stress cycles over a certain value, contact surface contact fatigue pitting can occur. Pitting the vibration and noise generated in the bearing in operation, rotation accuracy of reduced temperature, bearing out of normal working capacity. Contact fatigue point erosion is the main failure modes of rolling bearings.

(2) plastic deformation at static load or under impact loads, rolling body Raceway or deformation can occur, Raceway pits or scroll body is compressed, decreases the running accuracy, vibration and noise, the bearing is not working properly.

(3) wear and lubrication, sealing is unreliable and dusty conditions, rolling element/Raceway easy abrasive wear, hot gluing wear occurs when the high speed bearing overheating will cause the rolling temper.

In addition, rolling bearings due to inadequate support, installation, dismantling and maintenance, and can cause rupture of the bearing components such as other forms of failure, appropriate measures should also be taken to prevent it.