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The Features of Angular contact ball bearings
Sep 29, 2018

  The Features of Angular contact ball bearings:

  • Orbital paths are offset mutually in the direction of the bearing axis

  • Designed to retain combined load with relatively large axial forces (axial load of bearings increases with increasing contact angles)

  • Single-row bearings enable the retention of axial forces only in one direction; therefore these bearings are installed in pairs in opposite positions and as close to each other as possible

  • The bearings can be paired or double-row bearings can be used to retain axial forces (pairs of bearings are delivered in one packing; as the bearings are paired, bearings from different pairs must not be used together)

  • Lower load rating than tapered roller bearings, however, may be used at higher speeds

  • Double-row bearings can retain tilting moments in the axial plane. However, these types need perfect alignment and rigidity of seating and do not allow any swinging of shafts

  • Double-row bearings are also delivered with shields or seals