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The main cause of damage to the cage of the rolling bearing
Feb 14, 2019

The damage of the bearing cage is not very obvious and is not easy to judge under normal circumstances. The vibration of the bearing, the speed exceeds the design requirements, wear, foreign matter jam and skew are the main reasons for the damage of the bearing cage.

1. Vibration

When the bearing is under vibration, the force inside the bearing may cause fatigue cracks in the cage. Gradually, this crack will cause the cage to rupture. To prevent this, bearings with special cages can be used.

2. The speed exceeds the design requirements

If the bearing is running at a speed which the cage can not hold, the inertial force will cause the cage to rupture. There are high speed bearings manufactured specifically for this type of use.

3. Wear

Improper lubrication or hard foreign objects can cause wear on the bearing cage. Sliding friction is most likely to occur when the rolling bearing is running. However, the sliding contact between the roller and the cage is usually not eliminated, so if the lubrication is poor, the cage is the first part which will be worn. Moreover, the cage is made of a softer material, so the wear is quite fast. Gradually the gap of the cage will cause the cage to break quickly. The same happens when hard particles penetrate the bearing.

4. Foreign matters stuck

The particles of parts may be stuck between the cage and the roller, which will prevent the rolling elementg from rolling and then cause the cage to break. As long as it can prevent large foreign objects from intruding into the bearing, the cage can be safe even in heavy load.