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The requirements of oil and gas lubrication for motorized spindle
Oct 17, 2018

1. lubrication oil cleanliness grade: 13 / 10 (ISO4406); 

2. Air cleanliness: air filtration accuracy 0.01 micron; 

3. Air dryness: Dew point is +2 ℃; 

4. Inlet gauge pressure in front of bearing nozzle: 2-3 bar; 

5. Oil and gas delivery pipe: inner diameter 2 to 2.5 mm; 

6. The length of oil and gas pipeline: the length should be 1 ~ 4 meters; the helical pipe is favorable for oil storage near the terminal lubricating point. 

When the bearing runs again after stop, the oil and gas can be put in place quickly and the response time will be shortened. Then the selection of oil and gas lubrication products must first meet the above requirements. In addition, it is important to make use of the performance of oil and gas lubricating products in order to transport oil and gas to the motorized spindle and to realize reliable and stable operation.