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The Role and Use of Tapered Roller Bearings
Jan 04, 2018

The Role and Use of Tapered Roller Bearings

    Tapered roller bearings are to bear radial primarily diameter, the axial joint load. Rolling bearing capacity depends on the angle of the outer ring, the bearing capacity of the larger angle. This kind of bearing is separable bearings, roller bearings according to the number of columns is divided into single row, double row and four row circular cone roller bearings separately. Tapered roller bearing clearance adjustment to users in the installation; double row and four row tapered roller bearing clearance has been in the factory according to user requirements given, the user does not have to adjust.

    Tapered roller bearings have conical inner ring and outer ring raceway. Tapered rollers are arranged in between. Projection lines on all conical surfaces converge at the same point in the bearing axis. This design makes tapered roller bearings particularly suitable for bearing composite (radial and axial). Load. The axial load capacity of the bearing is mostly determined by the contact angle α; The greater the α angle, the higher the axial load capacity. The greater the e value, the greater the contact angle, the greater the applicability of bearing to axial load.

    Tapered roller bearings are usually of separate type, i.e. conical inner ring assemblies consisting of inner rings with roller and cage assemblies can be mounted separately from conical outer rings (outer rings).

Tapered roller bearings are widely used in automobile, rolling mill, mining, metallurgy, plastic machinery and other industries.

    The main reason is that the emergence of tapered roller bearing device in the process are: bearing device, when assembling the emergence of the inner ring, the outer ring of skew; or perhaps the emergence of load device and assembling charge into the enemy ranks are in the process of the final formation. That is the emergence of the bearing device conical roller bearing should be in accordance with the job specification to stop, not many results, such as to form or not when the device, will emerge the scar formation of linear bearing raceway surface and rolling bearing surface. Device of deep groove ball bearing with bearing using the indirect reaction when precision, life and function.

    Although the quality of tapered roller bearings is good, the rolling bearings are precision parts, and their use should be carefully carried out accordingly. No matter how high performance bearings are used, if they are not used properly. The expected high performance will not be obtained. The following considerations are noted for the use of bearings:
(1)、Keep the tapered roller bearings and their surroundings clean. Even small dust that is invisible to the eyes can have a bad effect on the bearings. So keep the surroundings clean so that the dust does not intrude into the bearings.

(2)、 Give taper roller bearing a strong impact in use, will produce scars and indentation, become the cause of the accident. In serious cases, will crack, fracture, so we must pay attention to.

(3)、Use the right operating tools. Avoid using existing tools. Use the right tools.

(4)、Attention should be paid to the corrosion of tapered roller bearings.

     When operating the bearing, the sweat on the hand can be the cause of rust. Use clean hands and wear gloves as far as possible. Tapered roller bearings use hearing to identify irregular movement is a very common method. For example, using an electronic stethoscope to detect a zero piece of abnormal noise is used by an experienced operator. Bearings in good working condition emit a low whine. A sharp hissing tapered roller bearing, squeak and other irregular sounds usually indicate that the bearing is in bad working condition.

1, tile surface corrosion: spectra of non-ferrous metal element concentration anomaly; there are many nonferrous metal components of sub micron particle wear ferrography; oil water exceed the standard, exceed the standard value.

2, the journal surface strain spectrum: iron iron line cutting abrasive or black metal oxide particles, temper the surface.

3, shaft neck surface corrosion: spectral analysis of iron concentrations found abnormal, submicron particles have many iron components of iron in the spectrum of lubricating oil or water exceed the standard.

4 value exceed the standard, the surface strain: iron spectrum is found in cutting abrasive, abrasive composition for nonferrous metals.

5, tile back fretting wear the spectral analysis showed that iron The concentration is abnormal, and there are many submicron wear particles of iron in the iron spectrum, and the water and acid value of the lubricating oil are abnormal. Under the condition of liquid lubrication , the sliding surface is separated from the lubricating oil without direct contact , the friction loss and the surface abrasion can be greatly reduced , and the oil film also has certain vibration absorption capacity

     A sharp creak noise may be due to inadequate lubrication caused. The bearing clearance can also cause inappropriate metallic sound. Dent taper roller bearings on the track will cause vibration, resulting in smooth crisp sound, if the installation of the percussion scars will produce noise, the noise will follow bearing speed vary. If intermittent noise, said rolling element may be damaged, tapered roller bearings, this sound is when the damage occurred in the surface is rolled out, bearing if hissing sound pollution often caused serious damage to the bearing will produce irregular and loud noise.

   Bearing damage can be detected by hearing, but usually the bearing must be replaced immediately by this time. Therefore, better methods such as using electronic condition monitoring instruments. The operation of tapered roller bearings is broken in advance.