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Three Methods for Identifying Bearing Faults
Jan 30, 2018

Three Methods for Identifying Bearing Faults


    Bearing as a precision part of mechanical equipment, how to improve the productivity of the factory, the first mechanical equipment must be the best performance. And mechanical equipment performance use of one of the largest relationship-bearing. Therefore, the factory in production and processing, must be mechanical equipment in the bearing good inspection. For safety reasons. China bearing network sharing bearing fault identification method, we hope to help.

1. Recognizing by sound

     There is a need for a rich experience to identify the sound through sound . It must be adequately trained to recognize the bearing sound and non - bearing sound . To do this , it should be done as much as possible . The sound of the bearing can be clearly heard on the housing with a microphone or a listening stick .

2. Identifying by working temperature

      This method is a comparative identification method, which is only used in situations where the operation state is not too varied. For this reason, continuous recording of temperature must be carried out. When failure occurs, the temperature will not only rise. Irregular changes will also occur. It is advisable to combine this method with the sound recognition method.

3. Identified by the state of the lubricant

This method is especially effective for bearing or large bearing which can not be observed near by sampling analysis of lubricant, judging whether the lubricant is mixed with foreign body or metal powder according to the degree of dirt and whether the lubricant is not mixed with metal powder.