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What are the storage conditions for cross roller bearings?
May 07, 2018

Cross roller bearing is a kind of precision bearing with special structure. It also requires special care during storage. The accuracy and quality of cross roller bearings can be maximized only in the proper environment. What are the storage conditions for cross roller bearings?

1. Cross roller bearings shall be stored in a clean, dry environment. Temperature and humidity shall be controlled within an acceptable range in handling and storage.

2. Some bearings have a certain shelf life. For example, bearing with dust-proof cover and oil seal, when stored for a period of time, the starting torque of the bearing will be larger than the new bearing. At the same time, the lubricating performance of lubricating grease will be destroyed after long storage, so the  bearing should be checked regularly for maintenance.

3.  To ensure the normal and reliable operation of the bearing, adequate lubrication must be applied to prevent direct metal contact between the rolling body, the raceway and the cage, resulting in wear and corrosion on the bearing surface. Therefore, in a variety of applications, the choice of appropriate lubricants and lubrication mode is extremely important.