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What should we pay attention to when installing precision bearings?
Sep 14, 2018

The precision bearing is mainly used in the light load and high speed rotating situation, which requires the bearings with high precision, high speed, low temperature rise and low vibration andlong service life. What should we pay attention to when installing precision bearings?

The service life of high speed precision bearings is closely related to installation. The following matters should be noted during installation:

1. Bearing installation should be carried out in a dust-free, clean room.The ring for the bearing should be ground; in the condition of maintaining the inner and outer ring same height, the parallelism of the ring should be controlled below 1um;

2. The bearing should be cleaned before installation. When cleaning, the slope of inner ring should be upwards, and it should be rotated flexibility with no sense of stagnation. After drying, we should put into the delineated amount of grease, such as oil mist lubrication should be put into a small amount of oil mist oil;

3. Bearing installation should use special tools. The force should be average. Beating is strictly prohibited.

4. Bearing storage should be under clean ventilation, no erosive gas, and relative humidity not more than 65. Long-term storage should be rust-proof.