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Why is there noise in the bearing? I
May 09, 2018

1. Fatigue peeling

On the raceway or rolling body surface of the rolling bearing, the surface metal of the contact surface is peeling off and gradually expands to form a dent because of bearing the alternating load. If it continues to run, it will form big peeling area. Due to improper installation or the inclination of the center line of the bearing seat and the axis, the local area of the bearing will bear larger load and then appears early fatigue damage.

2. Crack and fracture

 If the material has defects and heat treatment is not proper, the interference amount is too large and the combination design is improper, it will cause stress concentration and then the ring crack and fracture will be formed.

3. Indentation

When the external material enters the bearing between the rolling body and the raceway, the rolling surface can be indented. In addition, excessive impact load can also lead to plastic deformation of the contact surface and then the formation of pits. When the bearing is still, even if the load is very small, uniformly distributed pit will be formed in the raceway due to the vibration of the surrounding environment.