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XFBZ-12 Online Automatic Packaging Machine
Dec 12, 2017

                        XFBZ-12 Online Automatic Packaging Machine


Technological Parameters


1、加工范Ф5mm~Ф30mm,角度 1°0'~4°30'

Processing range: 5mm-30mm; Angle 1°0’-4°30’


2、加工拍:以子外径Φ18mm  例:120 粒/min;

Processing Rate: Take the rollers, of which the diameter is 18mm as an example: 120 pieces/min;



Total Power of the Machine Tool: 3.5Kw.


4、机床外型尺寸( X 宽 X 高):3200X800X1100mm。

External Dimension of the machine tool(Length*Width*Height): 3200X800X1100mm.


5、机床重量:约1200 Kg。

Total weight of the machine tool: About 1200Kg.


6、最大工作 力:0.6MPa。

Maximum working pressure of pneumatic system: 0.6Mpa.


7、 实现滚子自排序、数、自包装等功能。

Realizing the functions of automatic sorting, counting, automatic packing and so on.