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ZYS precision machine tool bearing characteristics
Dec 26, 2016

1 product design

Application of finite element analysis, combined with design and analysis, promoting the best design technology; and dynamic analysis is used to model a variety of transient and steady-state analysis and optimized design of the bearing according to different conditions, the bearing structure is improved, to meet different needs.

2 materials used

ZYS high-speed precision machine tool bearing ring materials usually use high quality oxygen levels low, less inclusion, organizational fine bearing steel by electro-slag remelting, to improve the service life of the bearing; rolling material of high carbon chromium bearing steel and ceramic two; phenolic resin, polyamide cage material, high quality and non-ferrous metals, such as brass.

3 manufacturing process

Heat treatment: through quenching, and cleaning, and tempered temperature and the time, process parameter of adjustment, and control, reduced bearing rings in the residual Austrian's body of content; using network with furnace structure features, through quenching temperature and the oil temperature of adjustment, and control, reduced bearing rings parts quenching Shi of hot stress, can greatly reduced thin-walled, and big size model bearing rings parts of deformation volume; used carburizing, and carbon nitrogen total infiltration, and cooling, and ion injected, and surface coated covered, and if quenching, and Bell's body isothermal quenching, advanced of heat treatment process, Can significantly improve bearing parts impact toughness, hardness, fatigue life and wear resistance and service life. Parts: control all aspects of the processing precision, efficiency and stability.