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ZYS talks about joint bearing
Oct 29, 2018

The joint bearing is a special type of plain bearing. Joint bearings can withstand large loads. Its structure is simpler than that of rolling bearings. It consists mainly of an inner ring with an outer spherical surface and an outer ring with an inner spherical surface. According to different type and structure, it can withstand radial loads, axial loads or combined loads in both radial and axial directions. Joint bearings are generally used for low-speed oscillating motion (ie angular motion). Since the sliding surface is spherical, it can also be tilted within a certain angle range (ie, aligning motion). It can also work normally when the support shaft and the shaft hole are not concentric. 

The spherical sliding contact area of the joint bearing is large and the inclination angle is large, and most of the joint bearings adopt special processing methods, such as surface phosphating, galvanizing, chrome plating or outer sliding surface lining, inserting, spraying and so on. Therefore, it has large load capacity and impact resistance, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, self-aligning, good lubrication or self-lubricating; even if the installation is misaligned, it can work normally. Therefore, joint bearings are widely used for low-speed oscillating motions, tilting motions, and rotational motions.