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2018 Changzhou Industrial Expo Brands Gathered, Scale Again It A New High
Jan 26, 2018

2018 Changzhou Industrial Expo Brands Gathered, Scale Again it a New High

     By Changzhou Industrial Economic Federation, Changzhou Enterprise Federation, Changzhou entrepreneurs Association, Jiangsu Province robot and intelligent equipment industry technology innovation strategic alliance. Changzhou Hi-tech Enterprise Association and Changzhou famous Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. jointly organized the 2018 6th Changzhou Industrial Expo in Changzhou West Lake International Expo Center from May 18th 2018 to 20th. It's a big one. Exhibition area of nearly 45000 square meters, will attract more than 600 well-known enterprises to participate in Jiangsu Province to create the largest scale, the best industrial equipment manufacturing industry event.

Changzhou Zhiyi , equipped with China , Changzhou Institute of Industry and Expo , after five years of careful cultivation , has received the strong support of local government departments and major trade associations , the General Assembly has started to find buyers for the merchants , and many industry giants have joined . Many industry giants have joined in , and many industry giants have joined . The large number of industry giants have joined in large numbers . Bed, Big Iron, Taiwan uranium Hing, Cheng Tai, Asia Wei, Yiquan, Xie Hong, Liqi, Xu Zheng, Fu Shuo, China Trade, Kanmen Machine tool, Zhongxing, Seismic Ring, Hexin, Ningbo Miyongtie, Zhejiang Jingdong, Shenzhen Ligong, Taiwan Topology. Taiwan Shicheng, Taiwan New Generation, Hexkang, Si Rui, Li Chuang, Kunshan Increment, Zhejiang Jiahu, Shanghai Yiyang, Shanghai Sigma, Suzhou Xingjie, Hangzhou Huafang, Nantong Like, Chongqing Jiuyuan, Yunnan CY. Suzhou Deyang, Suzhou Newway, Kunshan Leitong, Changzhou Chuangshengtel, Changzhou Guansu, Changzhou Ultramicron, Changzhou Qiaoyuan, Changzhou Mingwei, Changzhou Yongda, Changzhou Federation of Trade and Industry, Changzhou Xitian, Changzhou Xiongbang, Changzhou Mechanical and Electrical Group, Changzhou Yuchuang, Changzhou Fushengjin, Changzhou Jintie and other new and old customers have joined in response, will bring their latest technology and products to the 2018 6th Changzhou Industrial Expo.

     With the participation of many industry giants as well as Changzhou as a famous city in China , the government strongly supports the full participation of more than 30 industries and industrial parks , more than 200 media full - process news reports , a first - class exhibition space , a first - class exhibition environment , a first - class exhibition facility and a first - class conference service organization . We are confident that the 2018 Sixth Changzhou Industry Expo will surely come to a successful conclusion , and will truly grow into the international industrial brand show in the Yangtze River Delta region by 2018 .