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5 Projects Of ZYS Obtained Luoyang City Science And Technology Progress Award
Jul 10, 2017

In recent days, Luoyang Office of Science and Technology announced a list of Luoyang Science and Technology Progress Award in 2017, the project submitted related to critical technical research and application for heavy axle load railway wagon rolling bearing won the first prize, other four projects obtained second prize, for instance, critical technical research on reclaimer extra-large size thrust ball bearing, critical technology of self-lubricated high temperature bearing for metallurgical equipments, critical technology of cylindrical roller bearing unit for precision pump industry, critical technology research and application for high temperature sealed commercial vehicle eddy current retarder.

The project of Critical Technology research and application for Heavy load railway wagon bearing, by deep in and research with proprietary intellectual property rights in design, manufacturing and testing to heavy load railway wagon bearing, and comparison testing with products from foreign famous company, reached equivalent life, can totally substitute imported railway wagon journal box bearing, and realize the situation of the heavy railway wagon bearing has been monopolized by overseas supplier, which guarantee the completion of the research on heavy axle load long consist heavy load railway wagon. 

By implement research and application to critical technology in heavy axle load railway wagon bearings, the company breakthrough critical technology in heavy axle load railway wagon, built heavy axle load railway wagon bearing research development platform and industrial base, which improves railway wagon bearing’s design and manufacturing level and market competitiveness.