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Analysis Of The Development Prospect Of Bearing Industry In China
Dec 20, 2017

Analysis of the Development Prospect of Bearing Industry in China

      Bearing is the basic part of the mechanical equipment, which is called the "joint" of the machinery, and is an important foundation of the equipment manufacturing industry.Bearing along with the process of modern industrial mechanization and automation. In modern industry , bearings are widely used in many fields such as transportation machinery , engineering machinery , precision machine tools , instrumentation and so on . It plays an important role in the development of the world machinery industry and other industries.

    In recent years , China ' s bearing industry has undergone profound changes , and let us pay attention to the development prospect of Chinese bearing industry.

      With the development of domestic aerospace , rail transit , medical devices and other fields , the bearing industry has also been promoted to a certain extent . Bearing industry not only needs to advance effectively in the existing market , but also needs to actively explore the emerging market.

    Under the guidance of the 12th Five-Year Plan, the high-end bearing industry of our country has formulated the industry development plan. It has formulated the policy of drawing the development of the domestic mould industry with the project and the export two carriages, in the rail transit, the medical instrument. With the development of new energy, aerospace, automobile lightweight, rail transit and other fields, the level of bearing industry in China has been obviously improved. Bearing industry in the traditional market steady forward while actively opening up new markets. Even marginal markets that have been neglected in the past have been developed, and these factors have made the mold market work well.

    The focus of global manufacturing industry has shifted to China , providing powerful impetus to the development of China ' s bearing industry and increasing demand for high - end bearing manufacturers in China . At present , China ' s bearing industry must focus on improving product grade and reducing manufacturing cost , and realize strategic transformation from " big " to " strong ".

     In 2016, the domestic hardware bearing industry presented a high speed development situation, shouldering the mission of high-end equipment localization. Under the guidance of the 12th Five-Year Plan, China's bearing industry has formulated a plan for the development of the industry. Namely project and export. 2016-2021 China hardware bearing industry market supply and demand forecast depth research report shows that during the 12th Five-Year Plan, the construction of high-speed rail will reach an unprecedented peak. In 2011, the national railway infrastructure investment of 700 billion yuan, for the entire high-speed railway equipment manufacturing enterprises to provide huge market opportunities.

     In 2012 China to build 42 high-speed railway, the total mileage of more than 13 thousand kilometers, the formation of new demand 800 columns to the EMU, 2020 of the high-speed railway mileage in China will reach 18 thousand kilometers, to provide a broad market space for our high-speed rail bearings. The next three years China's high iron bearing market will be more than 2 billion yuan. As the field of high-speed trains bearing iron based parts, but the Swedish SKF, German FAG, Japan NTN and other international giants firmly occupy the market. China axle although a small portion of domestic manufacturing enterprises to 200 kilometers per hour but the level for mining Import components will also be used by the purchasing department.

    According to the current situation in China , it is necessary to develop high - end bearings . Only by continuously overcoming the existing difficulties , the high - end bearing industry can realize great leap . The domestic high - end bearing industry bears the challenge of the important mission of high - end equipment in China , and takes into consideration the excellence of R & D , casting and innovation ability of our country , believes the future , can support the heavy responsibility of China ' s major equipment nationalization.

     Bearing industry in the traditional market stabilization , while actively exploring emerging markets , even the marginal market that has been neglected in the past , has also been developed , these factors have made the mold market open more effective . Expect more brilliant achievements in the future.