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Angular Contact Ball Bearing Market Is Hard To Find A Good Brand
Dec 26, 2016

Similarly, in product technology and industrial scale, precision bearing industry in China has made a great breakthrough. Precision bearings in the process of development of the industry, China has always adhered to the innovation and development of the market-oriented, strengthening technical exchange with developed countries, significantly improves the strength of China bearing industry, enhance the market competitiveness of the product. Wuxi city, emerged as the second bearings limited (XEZ) influential precision bearing brand at home and abroad.

Although in recent years, increased levels of international competitiveness, but are mostly concentrated in the area of middle and low, low value-added products, some high precision bearings are also dependent on imports, especially high end precision bearings are still imported. In precision machine tool spindle bearings, for example, as a basis for machine tool bearings of spindle bearing parts, their performance directly affects the speed of the machine, rotating accuracy, rigidity, flutter vibration cutting resistance, noise, temperature rise and thermal deformation, thus affecting the precision of machining parts, surface quality, and so on. For the NC machine tool and machining center, high speed and high precision machine tool spindle bearings, Super precision bearings you will need to use P4 and above.