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Bearing Market Genuine, Precision Angular Contact Bearing Selection Approach
Dec 26, 2016

Identify the common method of bearing quality:

(1) packaging is clear; typically, factory brand has its own dedicated external packaging design for designers, production and production conditions through factory, therefore the packaging lines through blocks of color are very clear, in no uncertain terms, some imported brands of accessories on the packaging also has unique design specifically to protect their intellectual property.

(2) the seal is clear: on the bearing the word brand, label, and so on. Font is very small, but being factory produced mostly using stamp technology, for embossing and without prior heat treatment, so the font is small, but deep concave and very clear. Fake products font rather than the fuzzy, rough due to printing technology, fonts, floating on the surface, some can even easily erased by hand.

(3) whether there is a heterocyclic ring: the left hand holding the bearing body, right hand toggle coat makes it rotate, listen to its heterocyclic ring. As most of the production conditions of the counterfeit products, complete workshop-type operation, in the production process will inevitably be doped with impurities like sand, hidden in the bearing body, so in the rotation when noise loud. This is and strictly implement production standards, and the biggest difference between the machines operation is factory branded.