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Bearing Quality Improvement Special Exchange Conference
Nov 29, 2018

SINOMACH held a special exchange meeting on the industrialization quality improvement in Taizhou, Jiangsu province. ZYS and other 11 scientific research institutes under SINOMACH exchanged quality management experience, and sought to solve the difficulties and common problems of quality management encountered in the process of industrialization implementation. Mr. Zhao Huaibo, deputy general manager of ZYS, was invited to make a special report on the meeting. The meeting believes that at this stage, many varieties and small batches are the common challenges faced by scientific research institutes in industrialization quality management. In order to improve the quality of bearing products and meet the needs of the market, research institutes should do the following five aspects: first, to strengthen the quality of data, information management; second, strict supplier management; third, to introduce on-site management and avoid loopholes in on-site management; Fourth, design is the test verification of new products; Fifth, lean management is introduced to improve the quality level.