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Chinese Aircraft Carrier Steel Is Fully Made In China
Dec 29, 2017

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Steel is Fully Made in China

     In recent years, with the service of the Liaoning, the launch of a new aircraft carrier, carrier fever continues to rise. The construction of the aircraft carrier is a system engineering, which needs the support of a huge amount of engineering technology, the most basic of which is the steel used by the aircraft carrier. Steel for aircraft carriers is very harsh. First of all, deck steel plates can withstand strong impact and high friction during take-off and landing of shipboard aircraft. Secondly , it is also possible to withstand the baking of jet - jet aircraft up to a few thousand degrees , with low magnetism. Steel plates produced by only four countries in the world can be used in aircraft carrier manufacturing, are considered important strategic goods and are not exported. Our country once suffered the bottleneck of steel plate , but the service of the new aircraft carrier proves that our country already has its own mature steel plate technology.

    Recently , the research team of the material processing and simulation of the institute of metal research in the Institute of Science and Technology has found rare earth alloy and molten steel " double purity " through physical anatomy and calculation of single - weight 100 - ton large steel ingot . After further development , the team took the lead in breaking through the technical bottleneck of the industrial application of rare earth in steel , and realized the process sequence and stable performance after adding rare earth in the steel .

     The new technology is an innovative application to rare earth. Adding rare earths is not news in the process of making steel, but adding rare earths requires a very high process. Rare earth is known as "industrial vitamins", but after adding rare earth to steel, the properties of steel are difficult to be accurately controlled. All countries are engaged in the world, but most of them fail to break through the technical bottlenecks. It can be seen that the use of rare earth is an embodiment of the industrial strength of a country.

     So, what is the significance of such advanced rare earth technology to the construction of our military warships.

    The application of the new technology will improve the safety of ship structure , reduce the weight of structure , shorten the production period , and provide support for the high - quality " next dumpling " of the Navy.

     Secondly, to improve the efficiency of welding of special steel rare earth technology will be advanced. The strength of hull structure depends on two factors: steel and welding. But the existence of such a paradox in the field of welding: with the strength level of the steel, alloy elements in steel increased, carbon equivalent steels and the crack sensitivity increases significantly, very difficult. How to realize the welding steel become steel welding of high strength ship has been a difficult problem in the world. China has this rare earth technology, in the "double purification" mechanism, adding rare earth ferrosilicon in electrode, rare earth oxides and other substances, can play a modification and purification effect of the weld metal decreased significantly welding Weld metal microstructure, grain refinement, increase the number of needle-like iron, to improve the quality of welding effect.

     Rare earth is known as "gold" in industry. China's rare earth reserves are the world's first. Such natural endowments and advanced technology will bring great strategic thickness to China.