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Correct Heat Sink Can Extend Spindle Life
Dec 26, 2016

In General, the structure can be divided into six major parts of the electric spindle, they are the spindles, spindle bearings, spindle unit casing, motor without shell, used to drive and device for cooling of the module, its rotor assembly method is press fit on the motor and rotor and spindle is connected into a unified whole. Spindle the spindle is powered by a front-mounted bearing and combined with a rear bearing, the stator is mounted on the spindle of the motor casing, but you need to use a cooling jacket the stator is fixed up. Determines the speed of the spindle change is determined by its driver module, if temperature is too high, of spindle, spindle cooling device inside the spindle not to limit its temperature to protect against damage. Electric spindle of motor is directly of device in it of spindle device in, and in electric spindle work of when, motor of operation speed is soon of, such in electric spindle work has is long a time zhihou on will produced has many of heat, with of spindle surface of temperature also will with of increased, if temperature high words, on will directly effect to electric spindle of normal work.