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Deliverables Expected From The Monitoring System
Dec 14, 2017

     System shall be capable of operating effectively with 2G cellular data network coverage. System must be scalable to upgrade to 3G and 4G as and when needed in future without having to replace the complete data concentrator.

     All data shall be captured and transmitted to a central server for inspection and analysis from the data concentrator. It should be possible to decode and extract this data stream at the input to the analysis software for later use by Indian Railways for its own analysis.

     Algorithm for Actionable alerts should be built into the on-board system in such a way that Text Alerts (SMS) should be inferred by the system on board itself. Such alerts should also be transmitted to on-board display, fixed or handheld device via appropriate wireless protocol without waiting for GSM or CDMS network coverage.

    The condition monitoring system shall not be specific to any particular bearing type or to any specific bearing supplier but should function with multiple types of bearings that are running on Indian Railways.

    Respondent must specify the accuracy of their system on overall basis with reference to False–Positive and False–Negative alarm performance. Methodology of verifying the stated accuracy including the test regime to be followed to substantiate their claim must be specified. Indian Railways shall, while calling for technical and commercial bids, take into consideration these details furnished by the vendors. In absence of any numbers given by the respondents,