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Efficient Installation And Commissioning Ball Screw Pair
Dec 26, 2016

"Fixed-swim" type:

For speed, high accuracy applications. One end of the form by a pair of axial and radial bearings constraint freedom consists of a single radial bearing constraint degree of freedom on the other end, load borne by the pair of bearings, bearing swimming to prevent deflection of cantilever, and digest the stress generated by the thermal deformation. "Fixed-swim" is also sometimes unilaterally called "double push-backup". This form of structure is relatively simple, effective and wide application.

"Support-supports" type:

Suitable for speed and accuracy. The forms are located on both ends of a bearing, respectively to withstand radial and axial load in one direction, with the load direction changes, respectively, by two bearings, alone in a certain direction. Due to the stress direction is supported with positioned less controllable. This form of simple structure, less force, less.